Brush away your allergies


Allergy Care Centers Mission

Our purpose is to improve the quality of life for millions of patients by providing the most advanced allergy testing and treatment protocols available, along with an early diagnosis of allergies and secondary asthma. 


Over 60 million Americans suffer from allergies and one billion worldwide.
Over the last few decades, there has been a dramatic rise in the prevalence of allergic diseases.

According to the World Allergy Organization, an estimated 30% to 40% of the
global population suffered from some form of the allergic condition in 2011.

The World Health Organization also stated that currently approximately 235 million people across the globe have asthma and other 100 million have rhinitis.

Respiratory allergies have become the most common chronic disease among young adults and adolescent. The development has provided momentum to the global allergy treatment market.

Global Allergy Treatment Market: Region-wise Outlook

North America and Europe dominated the global allergy treatment market in the past few years d system.s, and respiratory to escalating percentage of population suffering from allergies of the skin, eye. In addition, the presence of developed healthcare,

a rise in environmental pollution, an increase in demand for immunotherapy in the treatment of allergies has accelerated the growth of the allergy treatment markets in these two regions.

arise in environmental pollution, an increase in demand for immunotherapy in. The Asia Pacific is likely to emerge as one of the strongest contenders in
the allergy treatment market in the next few years due to the rising allergic patient
population pool.

Moreover, there has been a rapid development of healthcare
infrastructure, growing awareness about the availability of advanced immunotherapy for the treatment of various types of allergies, and a surge in government expenditures in the healthcare.