Telemedicine Allergy Care

Benefits of Telemedicine

If you like the idea of seeing your doctor over a video conference on your laptop or smartphone, you are not alone. At Allergy Care Centers our doctors will interview you in the comfort of your home.

We will mail you our allergy test kit with instruction on how to prick your finger and apply 5 drops of blood to a special card. Place in FedEx package and return to Allergy Care Centers.

Within 7 business days, our office will call to schedule a video conference consultation with the results of your test.  

Our doctor will then write a prescription for your allergy toothpaste and send to the pharmacy to be filled. The pharmacy will mail your prescription to you home. 

Our office will call you to schedule a quarterly check-up and a annual re-testing until you are allergy free. 

75% of survey respondents are interested in trying telemedicine. Telemedicine has been used in a limited way for decades, but it is only now becoming more mainstream. This is because so many people have access to high-speed internet connections and the devices necessary to perform a video visit.  The approach is popular with patients due to its advantages. 

No transportation time or costs

When you see your doctor on your mobile device or computer, you can save money on gas, parking, and public transportation. Even better, you don’t waste time traveling or risk running into a traffic jam that makes you late for your appointment, or worse, late getting back to work.

No need to take time off of work

Speaking of work, video visits largely remove the need to take time off. You can simply schedule your visit during a break, or before or after work. You can be anywhere that offers sufficient privacy. You can comply with your doctor’s follow-up instructions and maintain your health without missing a day of work or wasting your precious paid time off.

Eliminate child or elder care issues

Many of us have the responsibility for caring for children or older adults. Finding alternative care so that you can see the doctor can be difficult and expensive. Bringing them along can be stressful or impractical. Fortunately, telemedicine solves this challenge by allowing you to see your doctor while upholding your family responsibilities.

Access to Specialists

Some patients who need the care of a specialist must drive long distances and invest a lot of time for each visit. Telemedicine makes it possible for you and your primary care physician to leverage the expertise of specialists who are not nearby. When it comes to serious health issues, you want to consult with the best, not the closest.

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