Virtual Doctor

Virtual Doctor
Bearded man having a virtual session with doctor

Using Telemed to help patients around the state of Nevada and around the country.

The Telemed virtual practice platform empowers Allergy Care Centers to treat more patients and simplifies access to our allergy test and treatment services. Instead of driving to the office or schedule appointments far in advance within office hours, patients can now have a face to face appointment while avoiding those traditional inconveniences.  Whether at home, work or on vacation, Allergy Care Centers’ patients can benefit from a session wherever they are. As an added bonus to patients, the online registration process is more streamlined than typical office paperwork.

Telemed allows our providers the flexibility to see patients after hours or whenever works for them,” our providers explains. In fact, some of our patients have chosen to work with us specifically because of his innovative, remote approach to allergy care They see it as a benefit that sets Allergy Care Centers apart from another allergist in the area.